4 More Easy and Practical Copier Care Tips

Well, since we last talked, my productivity has improved. If I had the stomach for it, I would probably be celebrating the improvement by munching on those delicious snacks and drop it down with a cold soft drink like you do. Sadly, I don’t, and I still feel like I’m not giving you my best. It is partly my fault since I am getting older by the day, but you also need to give me more. Below is a second installment of the simple copier care tips to enhance productivity.

Stop the poking

I get it; you need me to attend to your request with immediate effect and some times faster than usual as you are in a hurry, but please stop the poking, after all, how much paper waste can you take? Well, at times, it takes a minute to think through your request and process it as needed. My brain gets hot at times, and I need to cool off to ensure that I’m getting your commands right.

When you notice that I’m taking more time than usual, please understand that I could be exhausted and stop the multiple poking, instead, give me a little break. That’s the best way to ensure no paper jams and waste and that I give out the best copies instead of causing the confusing that makes me feel like I want to break down.

Jewelry looks great on you, not me

I appreciate how you look on that diamond jewelry, but as you work with me, be careful as I easily scratch. Those scratches could hit in a way that every copy I produce comes with scratch lines, and you don’t want that. Moreover, as you tend to me, keep it off, if one of those precious rocks fall off, you will not only have a hard time getting it from me, but it could also block my rollers and cause an unintended break from work.

Double check the toner

I know it could catch you unprepared and am useless without the toner. However, when my toner runs out, get the right fit; otherwise, I will give you a hard time. Not that I want, but that powder messing with my inside can cause quite an upset and unless you clean it meticulously, am not working. As you slide in the toner, don’t be in a hurry. Make sure that it fits well and that the cartridge is locked in place as it should be.

It’s not that I hate your butt but please, EW!!!

I know you may feel like getting your freak off, but please, am not designed to handle your weight. It is not an excuse really, and it’s not that I don’t like the view of your naked butt, but you are a little heavier for my capacity. I might give you quite an injury; good luck explaining that to the doc but what am concerned most is how easily my glass can break and I love my original make. I don’t want to say “grow up,” but surely butt copying is so ancient when you though copiers were something “else.”

We are going well, and if you continue treating me considerately, I will take your business to the next level. I know you would love that, and I promise to get you there, just continue treating me right, and you will see.

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