Cyber Shop Copiers: Top Brands and their Strong Suits

Keeping up with the modern, fast-paced, and tech-oriented world requires connectivity, an industry that you can easily tap into by setting up a cyber shop. While not by any means a new idea, cybercafes continue to be a popular and profitable venture. As people strive to keep up, personal computers, Smartphones, and home printers are growing in popularity, but this doesn’t mean that cyber cafes will be obsolete in the near future. The demand is and will continue to be there for various services.

You’ve probably researched the best location, got the right permits, and are ready to proceed to the next step, and now it is time to revise your starter pack. Among the items that demand due diligence is the copiers. Choosing between various models can be daunting, especially with each brand continuously delivering more innovative products to match the ever-evolving needs. You can’t possibly exhaust each brand and its models as you narrow your options. Nonetheless, understanding various brands and their strong suits and possible downsides can help you quickly narrow the options and find a copier that matches your cyber shop needs. Here is a quick rundown of the top six brands to help you make an informed pick.


If professional documents are among your top concerns while starting a cybercafé, then Kyocera is your go-to. The brand offers digital copiers with multifunctional capabilities featuring amazing finishing elements that ease your quest to create incredible booklets, reports, among other documents.

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta excels at manufacturing commercial copiers. They offer exceptional options for both black-and-white and color copiers and multi-function features. The winning point is their security features, a plus while dealing with clients that demand privacy for sensitive concerns such as high-value documents.


Ricoh excels at speed. They revolutionized the copy industry when they delivered the fastest color printer, and they’ve held the edge since then. While well-known for their large business copiers, they offer an extensive pool, meaning that you’ll find an ideal solution for the small or medium cyber shops.


Versatility is the winning point while considering Canon copiers, a brand that has been around for over nine decades. Varying size and print volumes mean that you can comfortably find a copier matching your cyber shop space and requirements.


Xerox is an industry leader that has been in the industry for over 100 years. The US-based brand offers an extensive collection of color copiers, well-known for their multi-function features. The all-in-one copiers make the brand an ideal solution for your cyber shop.


Sharp has also been around for over 100 years. Its primary winning point is the revolutionary technology that makes it an easy-to-use solution. Touch screen and fast touch-of-a-button commands, among other features, give sharp an edge as a winning brand for commercial use. Sharp’s copiers can easily be customized to fit specific requirements, making it an ideal solution for cyber shops regardless of their size and primary services offered.

Your budget, primary services, expertise, and cybercafé space are among the consideration that can help you to narrow your options to the best brand and copier model. With the above information and our informative pieces, you are a step closer to finding an amazing copier for your cyber shop starter pack to get your business going.

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