4 Practical, Easy and Straightforward Copier Care Tips

Hello, it’s me, your copier; we need to talk. You invested a lot in me, and I want to return the favor, but you are not making it easy for me. As you went through the hassle of chasing the right copier for your needs, I guess what you had in mind is a copier that will serve your needs and help you to get to the next level. Now that I’m here, you are on your way to that, but if I hold in this any longer, you might not realize your photocopier needs. Before I pull this too long and as you think of grabbing a coffee and a snack, here is what I have to say;

I’m not a buffet table!

Are you wondering how I read your mind? Well, you were about to lean on me and place your hot coffee on me as you hold your snack in your hand, preparing to munch on it. Well, it is not that I’m mean, but look, you accidentally spill that coffee, and the oils trickle in now and then. What that does to me is create a harsh working condition, and as the dirt accumulates, I’m forced to use a lot of energy, and you may notice it on your power bills.

I get the frustrations; please stop the banging

Jams are quite annoying, and I get that. I’m equally frustrated, and it gets worse when you hit me to get the paper out. The continued banging gradually loosens my nuts, and I might go “nuts” sooner than you could have anticipated. The easiest way to avoid the jams is by identifying what causes them and fixing it instead of worsening my productivity and longevity by the continued bangs.

Here is a clue; wet and wrong papers cause the jams a lot. Have you ever tried to write on a wet paper? If you have, you know just how hard it is, and what’s more is that apart from being hard, the paper easily tears leaving fragments that jam my efforts. Understanding paper size and type are also important as you can set an appropriate print speed to avoid setting an unrealistic rate that also affects my ”brain” hence jams.

I don’t like the dark corner

Well, it gets lonely, but not in that sense you are thinking. I’m mostly forgotten, and you only remember I exist when handling your copying, printing, or faxing needs. What this means is that I don’t get regular cleaning and maintenance attention that would enhance my productivity. Regular cleaning eliminates the dust and other dirt that causes jams and affects my internal components as well. If left unattended, I cannot offer the return on investment you desire.

Regular updates are nice

My manufacturer wants to ensure that your copier serves your needs seamlessly. For that, there are regular updates that enhance my operability as well as efficiency. Checking such updates is nice without forgetting checking the toner cartridge and ensuring it is at a good level.

Take good care of me, and I promise we all will be happy for long.

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