Photocopiers Shopping Guide: A Look at Top Photocopy Brands

Running a business, large or small, has its office needs.  Among the top requirements is photocopying, scanning, and printing documents. A photocopier, as such, is among the essential office equipment that you can hardly ignore. Good news is, with the modern technological advancements, you can get a budget-friendly multifunctional photocopier that doubles as a scanner, printer, and even as a fax machine. The availability of all in one copier means that you can enjoy color or black and white copies using one photocopier instead of buying two.

Since purchasing a photocopier is a significant, acquisition, you need to understand the basics, and choose a machine that will serve your needs accordingly. Among the factors to consider include;

  • Your budget
  • Printing speed
  • Consumables costs e.g. toners
  • Skills needed to run a photocopier
  • Features e.g. scan ability, color or black and white, wireless connectivity etc
  • Frequency of use
  • Durability to mention a few

However, regardless of your photocopier needs, you need a machine you can rely on. With the numerous brands in the market, settling on an ideal option can be a daunting process. Here is a look at the top 5 brands that ensure you get the value of your investment.

1. Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta photocopier machines top the list. They are quite popular, and among the consideration that makes them popular is that your business can grow with their collection. This is to say that, as you gain the necessary skills to operate the simplest Konica Minolta copier, you are basically equipped to handle the most advanced photocopier as they run on the same platform. As you upgrade to a better version, you will quickly become accustomed to it as you already know the basics hence growing with your business photocopier needs.

The large LED display is one of the advantages of opting for a Konica Minolta photocopier. It is not only the aesthetic appeal of the display that comes to play but also its functionality.  You can use the display as a web browser, meaning that you can print and copy a document straight from the internet or upload a digital document straight to a database, a factor that saves your time hence enhanced productivity.

Apart from the large LED display, it is easier to use Konica Minolta’s copiers as they are user-friendly designed with clearly labeled buttons. One touch copying is made easier, and you do not have to squint to find a button.

The copiers are available in simple black and white, color, and complete copying and printing systems meaning that you can choose in accordance with your needs.

3. Kyocera

If you are looking for an affordable, durable, and efficient photocopier, then Kyocera is a brand you need to consider. Their versatile copiers are ideal for the small, medium and large organizations with a demanding photocopier needs.

Among the top features includes ergonomic and resilient shells that give the Kyocera photocopiers the capability to last for long. Their internal designs, to complement the shell, are intelligently designed to not only last but also enhance performance while reducing down times.

The smart features such as wireless connectivity make Kyocera an ideal choice. You can wirelessly connect your office devices, print, scan and even fax your documents with the least effort possible. The photocopiers finishing qualities are exceptional, giving you the value for your investment. You can choose from a variety of all in one, black and white or color copiers following your preferences.

Whether you are looking for a monochrome or multi-function photocopier, Kyocera has a range to select from to suit your needs.

3. Ricoh

Ricoh copiers are yet another brand whose innovativeness makes it a suitable choice even when dealing with budget constraints. Ricoh boasts of a rich collection of photocopy machines, ideal for the varying industry needs. If you are looking for a simple copier if you are running a small business, Ricoh has a solution for you as is the case of large organizations with demanding photocopier needs.

From Ricoh copiers’ collection of high capacity production copiers and all in one machine, Ricoh copiers are more of tailored-solutions than just a photocopier. Following your industry, you can have a copier customized to specifically fit your needs.

The tailor-made options are ideal especially noting that productivity is only at its best if you or your team members can efficiently use the copier. Following your photocopying needs such as volume needed per month, you can find a Ricoh copier that suits every aspect regardless of your budget. You can opt to do away with adds-on such as zoom functionality or document feeder among others for your preferred Ricoh photocopy machine to fit in your budget.

The other concept that makes Ricoh copiers a top choice is its ease of use. Their designs are user-friendly, requiring no super skills to operate. Any user can comfortably navigate and use a Ricoh copier without calling a professional for help.

4. Canon

Canon is a household name, but as many people know the company mainly from their high-quality cameras, few realize that photocopiers are their most significant product. Canon copiers’ tops the list not only due to their well-established brand name but the efficiency of their product as well. Canon copiers offer a myriad of benefits to small and large businesses, and it can be vividly seen from its rating, a whopping 4.5 out of 5 stars from their users’ reviews.

Topping the list of its advantages is the user-friendly interface. The interface allows even the non-tech savvy users to handle photocopying needs without a hassle comfortably. Moreover, Canon copiers are logically designed, making it easy to handle simple maintenance such as changing your machine’s cartridge as it is straightforwardly accessible. Operability and ease of access are all you need for your business, and with Canon photocopiers, you do not have to invest in tech skills to enjoy their fantastic photocopy services.

Instant warm-up is another benefit associated with Canon copiers.  You don’t have to wait for the machine to cycle up and get warm to start your photocopying process, after turning it on, you can start immediately. What makes Canon copiers a favorite amongst the competitors is the manufacturer’s keen details that ensure that they provide the best resolutions the market has to offer. Whether it is the monochrome or color option, with Canon copiers, the resolution is a plus over the rest.

Buying a photocopier is a process requiring significant contemplation, and as you are about to invest some serious financial commitment, you need a durable machine, a thing that Canon ensures you get. Canon copiers are durable, and they can handle large photocopy jobs with little to no jams.

5. Xerox

Xerox copiers are among the most-sought-after owing to their features and customization. They are ideal for large, medium or small business as you can opt for additional features to suit your needs. Among the significant benefit that makes Xerox copiers a top choice is their innovative technologies that are consistently developed to accommodate the changing times.

Xerox features that stands outs includes the resume capability in case of power loss. If you are in an area where power interruptions are frequent, dealing with the frustration of restarting the job, wasted papers and other concerns are eliminated by the resume capability.

Another outstanding feature is the ability to erase borders on an original document, meaning that after the copy, you don’t need to pick up the scissors and carefully cut it, worrying of the unforgiving snips that could ruin your copy. You can easily clean the copy without making physical changes especially if you are dealing with an older document.

The exceptional features are further amplified by the richer and more tonal photo print quality while comparing the black and white products with other brands. It means that the copier’s color quality is higher resulting in clearer skin tones. Xerox copier’s versatility further shows in their quite operations; you can hardly hear a sound as the machine operates.

Xerox resourcefulness has taken the market by storm. The brand specializes in photocopiers that are all in one with a range of products that suits varying needs. The all in one option means that the copiers provide more than photocopy service; you can scan, fax, print among other features and with the customizable option, you can add or reduce the functionality of your Xerox copier to fit your budget.

TIP: As you choose from the brands, take your time, shop around, and settle for a model that suits your requirements. Don’t be in haste, the financial commitment involved in purchasing a photocopier warrants due diligence to ensure you get what you deserve.

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