Toners and What You Need To Know

A copier is an indispensable workhorse and a must-have part of your office equipment. However, for your copier to function correctly, you need to take good care of it. After buying the ideal copier that matches your needs either for your small-scale office or home or large-scale organization, you need to stay on top of its maintenance requirements to ensure that it runs efficiently. Among the primary care requirements that could affect your photocopier efficiency is its toner.

The photocopier’s toner is the fine, powdered plastic that is heated to its melting point and fuses with paper to form text and images that you get from a printout. It is, therefore, a significant component that must be present for your copier to dispense copies of your intended documents. Regardless of the type of a copier that you buy, its toner will at one point require replacement.  

If you notice some changes in how your copier works, it could be as a result of the toner running out or placed incorrectly. Confirm that the toner cartridge is positioned appropriately, and if your photocopier’s toner is running out, replace it. If you notice these three signs, then it means that your toner cartridge needs to be replaced.

Copier warning

The easiest way to establish if you need to buy a toner cartridge for your copier is if the copier displays a message warning of the low toner cartridge. If you continue using your copier despite the warnings, you will notice that the print quality is deteriorating. This is a clear sign that the toner cartridge is almost depleted and you definitely need to buy and change it to continue enjoying high-quality copies.

Lowered coverage

Have you noticed uneven prints, some areas are missing out, and that the copy is not as crisp and sharp like before? Worry not, your copier’s toner could be running out, and you need to replace it.

Clumps and spots

As the toner runs out, there is a likelihood of the remaining amount to form clumps that affect the quality of your copier’s output. You may notice some streaks running across the pages, a sign that the toner has clumps. You can remove the toner cartridge and shake it to reduce the clumps, giving you the output that the copier produces typically. However, as it is an indicator that the toner is running out, it is advisable to shop for a replacement at such instances as you enjoy the last of its service.

While a toner emptying means that your output will be affected, some advanced multi-functional copiers could even experience slowed or stopped functions beyond the copying such as scanning and faxing as the functionalities are mapped together, and if one fails the rest are affected.

As you hit the market in pursuit of a replacement toner, you may come across varying terminologies. The most common terms that could be overwhelming, especially if you are not toner-savvy is CMYK. Don’t scratch your head so hard; it is an abbreviation that denotes the four-color printing system that the color laser copiers use. The initials stand for C (Cyan = blue), M (Magenta = red), Y (yellow), and K (Black that is the key plate).

Toner’s buying guide

As you shop for a toner, you may be inundated by the choices available. It gets harder if you have no idea where to start. Below are valuable tips to guide your toner’s buying quest to ensure you get the best.

Compatibility check

Before you buy a toner, it is crucial to establish its compatibility with your copier. The easiest way to buy the toner of your copier model is by checking the manufacturer’s part number that is usually on the copier or printed on the cartridge. If the part number is unavailable, you can consult the expert vendors for an exact match following the manufacturer’s name and model of your copier.

Go for the best option

Following your budget and copier needs, consider the expected toner yield. Some toner option has a higher yield and longer life, and if your budget can comfortably accommodate the choice as they are a little expensive than the rest, then go for it. This is because, in the long-run, the higher-yield toners are a cost-effective per copy, meaning that it will save you money and time.

Consider the toner type

You obviously need a toner that fits in your budget, and although vendors will avail the original manufacturer’s (OEM) brand, they also provide less expensive compatible brands that are effective as well.

The colors

Your color laser copier uses different copier cartridge per color. As one runs out, it is recommendable to buy them as a pack and have them in hand noting that the rest are not far off from emptying as well. If your photocopying needs are higher, you could buy toners and store them since they have a long shelf-life and have them in hand when it runs out without heading out to shop hence saving your valuable time.

Consult the experts

While it is human nature to try out everything, one concept that could affect your copier’s productivity is how effective the toner cartridge is refilled. Unless you know your way around a refill kit, it is advisable to seek professional assistance to ensure that the refill goes as expected. Incorrect refill could cause quite a mess, and following your copier’s model, the process may not be that straightforward.

Ensure that you buy the toner from a reputable and reliable vendor who will be readily available to offer assistance where necessary. If you are in the market for a toner, visit or call us and we will gladly offer professional service to more than your expectations. Explore from our wide collection of toners and choose the one that fits your copier, if you are not sure of the best toner to buy, feel free to ask us; we will offer recommendations based on your copier type and model.

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